About us


About Us
New Era Global Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization based out of the greater Los Angeles South Bay Area. We are a creative center who’s mission is Giving The Gift Art to Under Privileged kids And At Risk Youth. We started our mission in Hawthorne, Ca at a 7000sf facility with two Studios, a Live Room, Computer Lab, Orientation/Motivation hall and a warehouse which we’ve converted into our Paint/ Video&Film department. There’s a numerous amount of programs that we offer to the youth absolutely free. Recently we had to close our doors at the Hawthorne location due to (a)an extremely high over head. We are do diligently working to open the doors in our new location. We’re looking to extend our services to the Phoenix and Chicago area soon, we’ll keep you updated on the latest news. This is New Era Global.


Please Help!!!

We are seeking funding for our Personal Development, Music Appreciation   Program. Our personal development program is designed to help at risk youth build necessary skills and traits needed to pursue a career as an independent artist and entrepreneur skills. We believe that Learning how to develop a positive outlook on life and how to create good daily habits will only benefit the younger generation. This will prepare them for our artist development program.(ADP)
The A.D.P is designed to teach our youth a step by step creative process of bringing to life an artistic project from the ground up. Young aspiring artists will create their own project in a safe environment without the burden of financial cost to themselves.
Music and art programs are an essential part of the youth education. With more and more budget cuts society is faced with the lost of these programs in our public schools.
Our target population are adolescents in the Los Angeles/ Phoenix area. Ages 9 – 18.
By providing them programs that teach personal development and artistic growth we will help reduce juvenile delinquency , criminal activity, drug use , gang violence and teen pregnancy .
Our programs will cater to at least 1000 kids yearly.
We have received aide from John Beggins of Specialized loan Servicing and from Line 6 Inc.